Deionised resin – What it is, What it does and How it performs

Deionised (DI) mixed bed resin is a polystyrene polymer derived from the petrochemical industry. It is a mixture of cation and anion resin produced as small beads and looks like a mass of brown sugar. As water passes over and through the resin it has the ability of producing 99.9% pure water by adsorbing (rather than absorbing) impurities, such as TDS, onto its surface.

The resulting water is gently aggressive in a slightly acidic way. This assists considerably in removing stubborn dirt, inorganic and organic (algae), as well as breaking down surface tension. This enables over 90% of general, water fed pole, window cleaning work to be undertaken without detergents and chemical additives. It is interesting to note that, with surface tension reduced, glass remains cleaner for longer.

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