Is Water Fed Pole Cleaning Good?

Many people, including our customers, say that the glass stays cleaner longer – why is this?

Firstly, because over a period of time, the frames gradually get cleaner, leaving no dirt for the rain to wash down onto the glass. Secondly, because it washes so efficiently with no detergents it leaves no detergent residue on the glass, which would otherwise attract particles of dirt.

Some people say it will never do as good a job – is this true?

In many cases we find it actually does a better job. Correctly used WFP will always do a good job. We are still amazed at how effectively it cleans.

Of course, just as is true with traditional window cleaning, correct technique and use of equipment is vitally important to the finished result. A quick ‘splash and dash’ does not mean the windows are clean and we have seen many WFP window cleaners achieving terrible results due to poor technique or equipment.

Is Water Fed Pole Cleaning Good?

I have been asked this, or a similar question quite often. And usually because the person has had a bad experience of a window cleaner using a water fed pole cleaning system.

Is the water fed pole cleaning system any good? Yes, when in the right hands it does an excellent job of cleaning windows. It has now become the standard method of cleaning windows commercially for buildings up to about 6 storeys.

So, how come some people have had bad experiences with window cleaners using one?

The first answer is that occasionally, on the first or second window clean with purified water, you can get a run down the window (dirty brown or white). This happens after the window cleaner has cleaned the windows and has now gone. The purified water used to clean the windows has probably gotten under a top window seal. Purified water is like a magnet to dirt and has come in contact with old dirt or old soap under the seal, attracted it, and then run down the glass after the window cleaner has gone. Then the water dries and leaves only the impurities it picked up, thus you get a dirty stain or white soap stain on the glass.

I tell my new residential customers that this can occasionally happen, and to simply call me if it does and I will come round and re-clean the window ASAP – for free of course. After one or two cleans with a water fed pole cleaning method, this can’t happen (if the job has been done right) as all the old ingrained dirt and soap is cleaned away. It also generally doesn’t happen on commercial buildings, as pure water cleaning is the normal method, and dirt or soap doesn’t get to build up in the seals. Though, it only happens to the occasional house anyway, it is not the normal result of water fed pole cleaning.

The other problem is sadly more likely to be the reason for the poor quality clean. And that is people starting up as window cleaners with no experience or understanding of what they are doing. They look at the pure water cleaning system, think that this is great because no skill is needed, and you just brush over the glass a bit and the windows are clean – Wrong.

Like every tool, it has it’s place and it cannot replace every other piece of window cleaning equipment. Though a lot of new window cleaners think that it will replace all the other tools and even replace experience. This is the biggest reason these days why some customers have had bad experiences.

So, yes you can get an excellent result with a pure water cleaning system.

Our work is guaranteed. If the windows are not cleaned to your satisfaction we will come round and re-clean with no quibbles. I have a number of regular customers who had previous bad experiences with another window cleaner doing a poor job with a water fed pole.

I convinced them it works well, maybe I can convince you also.

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